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Will kill you before Diwali: actress Shehnaaz Gill father receives a death threat

Shehnaaz Gill

The father of Bigg Boss 13 contestant and actor Shehnaaz Gill has lately received a death threat through a phone call from an unknown individual. During the telephone chat, the individual threatened to assassinate Shahnaaz’s father, Santok Singh a.k.a. Sukh, before Diwali.

The father of Shehnaaz Gill received a call while traveling from the Beas River in Punjab to Tarantini. According to reports, the young man verbally insulted Santok before threatening to murder him before Diwali.

A police report has been made regarding the incident.

This is not the first time Santok has been threatened with death. Before this, an attempt was made on his life. Santok joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2021, and on December 25, he was assaulted by two unidentified individuals. The two suspects fired upon Santok.

Police indicate that the perpetrators were from Amritsar. The unidentified armed guys approached on a bicycle, and Santok narrowly escaped the attack.

While Santok was traveling from Amritsar to Beas, he stopped at a Dhaba in the Jandiala Guru region. While making a police report, Santok stated that his gunmen needed to use the restroom, so he halted his vehicle near the Gurdaspuria dhaba.

Two cyclists approached his vehicle and opened fire on him. Four rounds reportedly struck his vehicle, and the attackers left shortly after Santok’s gunmen went to his aid.

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