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Ben Affleck sleeps during his honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez and becomes a meme

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are presently on their honeymoon after being married last month. An image of Ben sleeping on a yacht during their Paris trip has leaked online among several others of the couple. And ‘Batman fans are reacting to the news on social media.

Ben Affleck is depicted in a photograph taken from a yacht wearing a blue shirt and jeans while napping on a chair while the sun is shining brightly on him. A second image depicts him sleeping alone on the yacht’s deck.

A fan responded on Twitter, “I should be spending every summer weekend sleeping on a boat like Ben Affleck.” Another said, “Ben Affleck endured years of memes and spilled Dunkin’ Donuts only to wake up on a boat with Jennifer Lopez passed out.” Incredible.” A fan even inquired, “How does one fall asleep while the sun is shining in their face?” The caption of a meme said, “When you realize you no longer have to worry about being Batman.” Another meme stated, “Have no fear, Jennifer Lopez! “The world still requires Batman,”

Some claimed the newlyweds invited the media to photograph them throughout their honeymoon. A Twitter user asked, “What’s the big deal with him napping? I think he’s just like the rest of us. Paying a photographer for this photo would be a waste of money. Waste.” An irate supporter yelled at the paparazzi, telling them to “leave Ben and Jen alone” in the process. Relentless media coverage had a big influence on the breakdown of their first relationship. Give these people peace.” When you’re married to someone who genuinely loves you, you’re not terrified to have your photo taken while you’re sleeping, because it won’t be used against you.

Jennifer, 52, announced in her ‘On the JLo’ newsletter last week that she and Ben, 49, were married at A Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. Their children from previous relationships were also present during the wedding.

Ben Affleck will portray Batman for the final time in the upcoming film The Flash. The actor has revealed in interviews that he would not reprise his role as the superhero.

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