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Bigg Boss 16: Archana calls Kartik Aaryan “bhaiya” during romance, Priyanka performs for Farah Khan

In tonight’s episode, Bollywood heartthrob Kartik Aaryan would then make a big entrance into the Bigg Boss house as part of his tour to promote Shehzada. As we said before, the actor will fulfill Archana Gautam’s dream by acting out a romantic scene in the kitchen. But Archana will make everyone laugh when she accidentally calls him “bhaiya.” Well, the latest teaser for the next episode says that Kartik will give MC Stan a special job. He will ask him to rap, but there’s a catch: Stan has to rap as Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s father, Touqeer sahab!

The episode will also be packed with entertainment thanks to Anil Kapoor and Shehzada. Kartik Aaryan enters Big Brother. The evergreen AK, who’s next appearance will be in The Night Manager, will study MC Stan’s language. However, he will leave everyone in stitches when he refers to the rapper as “dhakkan.” In contrast, Kartik will enter the residence with Farah by his side. The director will then conduct auditions. First, Archana Gautam will act out a romantic scene with Kartik in which he enters the kitchen and carries her behind him.

Priyanka will push Kartik away, but he will grab her hand and, like in a movie, pull her back to him. Well, Priyanka’s acting skills have left her fans in awe, and we’re sure Farah will feel the same way.

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