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Bigg Boss 17: Aishwarya Sharma strikes out at Vicky Jain for making jokes about her marriage to Neil Bhatt; internet users respond

Bigg Boss 17

Bigg Boss 17 has begun a new week of drama-filled episodes. After Vicky Jain mocks Aishwarya Sharma’s relationship with her spouse Neil Bhatt, the new week’s promo depicts a major fight between Vicky Jain and Aishwarya Sharma.

In the most recent advertisement, Vicky Jain asked Neil if he began courting Aishwarya due to her behaviour. Neil responded that they never dated and got married immediately when he was asked if he thought she was attractive. Aishwarya then confronted her husband about Vicky’s ability to readily escape punishment for mocking anyone.

Later, when everyone was seated together, Vicky Jain said, “Why does the conversation take a different turn when men are involved? I didn’t do anything.”

Aishwarya added, “He is the only male victim here (He is the only male victim here).” Aap khud ke jaisa dusron ko mat samjho; Don’t assume that everyone is exactly like you. Apne ghar main jhaankey, apne rishtey sambhaale (Take care of your own home and relationships first). You do not need to spread rumours about other couples to the village council.

Vicky then responded, “If there is an ongoing debate, then all matters should be discussed openly in the Panchayat.”

Nobody has a problem; only you do. You may not say anything negative about my partner to yours. She continued, “He is troubled by his own wedding”

Audience members had varied reactions to Vicky Jain and Aishwarya Sharma’s verbal battle. Some referred to Aishwarya Sharma as “fire,” while others believed her reaction was unwarranted.

In one of the comments, it was stated, “Only Aishwarya can treat Vicky.” Someone else remarked, “She is fearless.” One of the comments stated, “Aishwarya finally woke up from her sleep.” Someone else wrote, “Wow, you’re intentionally trying to start a fight.”

Soniya Bansal was the first contestant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss house, in terms of evictions. The contestants voted the actress off the show. Salman Khan will host this season’s Weekend Ka Vaar on Friday and Saturday, while his siblings Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan will roast the contestants on Sunday.

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