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Salman Khan taught Ankita, Vicky, Isha, and Samarth on Bigg Boss 17

Salman Khan

Ankita Lokhande, her husband Vicky Jain, and Neil Bhatt, Bigg Boss 17 contestants, will face heavy consequences for breach of contract. The forthcoming Friday episode’s promotional trailer shows host Salman Khan returning to the house to admonish and instruct the participants on their behaviour. Apart from providing contract breach warnings to the trio, he lectures Isha Malviya about how she is using the show’s attention by divulging her entire life.

The promotional video began with Salman Khan announcing rapper King as a special guest on Friday’s broadcast. He immediately transports the spectator to the circumstance in which the participants are confined inside the house.

Regarding Isha and Samarth’s relationship, Salman

Abhishek Kumar and Samarth Jurel, Isha Malviya’s present and former love partners, attended the occasion. Salman Khan said in the promotional film on Isha Malviya’s behaviour in the house, “You are enjoying yourself and appreciating the importance.” This is the significance, the thrill; we will be overwhelmed one day.” Cardiac Exposure Ko [This show exposes your entire existence]; this frivolity will cost you dearly in the future.”

Salman Khan says of Samarth, ‘If I were you, I would not have gone to the show, thus if I were you, I would not have came to this house in the first place.’ “Everyone looks like a fool.”

Salman emphasised the importance of competitors reading the contract, which contains particular stipulations pertaining to their participation in the programme. Inquiring about contractual duties, he inquires as to which persons had discussed their participation prior to attending the programme. Vicky Jain confessed before entering the house that she had spoken with Neil Bhatt two days prior. Salman then asks Ankita Lokhande if she was aware of their talk, to which she responds that she only learned about it later.

“Ya to jab aapko jaal gaya to isk matlab kya hua (So what does this mean now?)” Salman asks. Sana then asks Raees Khan to explain the implications. She goes on to ask, “Does Viacom have the right to fire him or discontinue further involvement?” This phrase implies that Viacom has the authority to remove the participant from the show or bar future participation.

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