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Guru Randhawa Kneels, Kisses Saiee Manjrekar’s Hand, Upsetting Shehnaaz Gill Fans

Guru Randhawa

Guru Randhawa is occupied with the promotion of his forthcoming film Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay, which will also feature Sai Mandrekar in the leading role. Amidst paparazzi attention, the two celebrities were recently in New Delhi when Guru and Sai engaged in sexual activity. The social media video captured the Punjabi superstar on one knee, during which he also placed his hand on Sai’s and gave her a kiss.

Although the video evoked universal admiration, it has also caused Shehnaaz Gill’s supporters to grieve. “Dokha huya hai shehnaaz ke sath,” wrote one of the admirers. View the video at this link:

Guru and Shehnaaz recently appeared in a music video titled Sunrise together, and the two have a strong friendship. Their endearing photographs frequently go viral on social media, causing Internet users to speculate whether or not they are romantically involved. The two also attended an award ceremony together the previous year, where they were observed holding hands on the red carpet. However, when queried about his relationship with Shehnaaz in a recent interview with CNN News18, Guru Randhawa clarified that the two are merely friends.

Guru Randhawa, however, clarified in a recent exclusive interview with CNN News18 that he and Shehnaaz are merely companions in response to a question regarding their relationship. The singer responded to the question “Kya Guru ke dil mein Gill hai?” by stating, “As a friend, bilkul hai.”

Guru, meanwhile, is making preparations for the debut of Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay. An intriguing series of events, Kuch Khatta Ho Jaay is a tedhi-medhi love narrative that takes place in Agra. In this film, Guru makes his acting debut. The film will also feature Anupam Kher, Ila Arun, and the singer Sai in pivotal roles. The release date for the Pan-India film is February 16, 2024.

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