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Divya Dutta discloses her celebration plans for Ganesh Chaturthi 2022

Divya Dutta

This year, Divya Dutta is excited for Ganesh Chaturthi, and we wonder what is changed. She reveals exclusively, “Well, I’ll be spending Ganesh Chaturthi in my new home this year, so that will be unusual. Rest assured, it will be the same; eco-friendly and warm. All the loved ones will return.”

Divya and her family moved to a new house on the Tenth avenue in the Juhu neighbourhood of Mumbai earlier this year. However, does she also observe any rituals in her home? “I am not a particularly ritualistic person. I pray with every ounce of might in my body. “My favourite part of the aarti is the prayer that we repeat,” she responded when I asked her what her favourite part was.

Divya is one of the numerous Bollywood celebs that enjoy the holiday season with equal amounts of joy and faith. Divya is looking forward to a more typical Ganesh Chaturthi celebration this ear since she has spent the past two Ganesh Chaturthi’s according to tight rules. She went on to say, “Things have been quite strange for the past two years, and only a select few individuals have been invited.” It will be much like old times with my family and friends this year.” What is the meal menu like? “What we eat at home is always going to be determined by my mum. Prasad is always a classic Punjabi dinner consisting of channa, aloo ka sabji, puris, halwa, and kheer. There is an open house. It’s wonderful to reconnect with individuals you haven’t seen in so many days; you’ll see them during Ganpati. I’m eagerly anticipating that.”

When questioned about happy recollections from the season, Divya expressed the same bittersweet sentiment: “Every time Bappa returns home, I become overly connected, and his departure is terrible. But what a satisfying sensation! Coming home for a brief period brings together so many family and friends. One of my favourite parts of the holidays is doing this.

Bappa is Vighnaharta. Concerning difficulties, Bollywood films are unable to attract viewers to theatres. While Divya’s Maa captivated the hearts of the audience, Dhaakad was unable to sustain itself at the box office. When asked what she thinks about the situation, Divya responded, “I believe that every industry goes through phases. Moreover, we constantly experience a variety of configurations. Yes, films are not now profitable, but I am confident that will change very soon. Then, everyone will speak uniquely. My goal as an actress is to always perform competently; despite this, I have received positive evaluations for both Dhaakad and Maa. I will always be grateful for it, and I will continue to do it with my whole heart.”

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