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Diwali 2022: Of creating memories and observing customs


Diwali celebrations are all about creating memories and continuing the family traditions passed down by the elders. This holiday season, we inquire of actors which custom or practice they would like their children to adopt.

Ankita Bhargava

We paint at least a dozen diyas at home every Diwali. I’ve been doing this since I was a child. Now, I’ve taught my daughter Mehr the habit. I permit her to paint as she pleases. It is not required to be decorative. I intend to instill in her the basic notion of us painting diyas together. I also want her to learn how to perform Diwali puja. She must be aware that the day consists of more than just eating, dressing up, visiting people’s homes, and playing cards. She must understand the underlying principle.

Daljit Kaur

The day I was born was Diwali, therefore as a ritual, every year we cut a cake. Every Diwali, our household observes a small, traditional birthday ceremony. Also, I enjoy making rangoli during this occasion and have taught my son Jaydon to do so as well. When I make rangoli, I use my and Jaydon’s. On Diwali evening, I look forward to the two of us getting ready and making rangoli.

Manav Gohil

We (my wife Shweta Kawatra and I) attempt to give the celebrations a more Indian flavor than what these children are exposed to. On Diwali, when we visit (my daughter) Zahra’s nana-Nani, we ensure that she sits through the puja with patience and learns to respect others’ feelings. Additionally, we attempt to get her to wear anything Indian, which is difficult. She has been agreeable for the past two years, and she hopes this trend will continue.

Sangita Ghosh

My daughter Devi is still quite young, but I am attempting to teach her that Diwali is about family and spending time together beginning this year. Therefore, regardless of who, where, or what, we take time to spend the day at home and pray. I would like her to learn the significance of family and the value of unity.

Deepika Singh

We are a very devout family, and puja path and havans play a significant role in our lives. This is the beginning of anything fresh. I have endeavored to educate my son Soham on the significance of these rites, and I hope he understands their value. I want him to grow up understanding the significance of this and to incorporate it into his life.

Suyyash Rai

My wife Kishwer Merchant and I have a yearly tradition in which we clean our home and donate any unused items to the less fortunate. We have been attempting to bring a smile to their faces for years. I would desire for my son Nirvair to realize that some people are in need and that making them smile only serves to spread happiness.

Karanvir Bohra

I would like my kids Raya Bella Bohra, Vienna Bohra, and Gia Vanessa Snow Bohra to develop the habit of giving back to society. This is a practice I would like children to adopt throughout their lives, not just on Diwali, but on all significant occasions. It is all about providing food and presents to the needy.

Mitaali Nag

Diwali is a celebration celebrating the triumph of light over darkness. Every Diwali, I ensure that the less fortunate receive a few packs of ready-made diyas so that they, too, can illuminate their homes. I wish to instill in my young son Rudransh the practice of helping the less fortunate illuminate their homes for Diwali.

Pranitaa Pandit

This year, I will be celebrating Diwali in Delhi with my paternal family, and I am thrilled that my daughter Anisha will also be able to witness the festivities. No one can celebrate alone. It will involve the entire family eating, playing cards, celebrating, and praying at the same time. Therefore, I would always hope for Anisha to be with her family on Diwali, no matter what.

Anirudh Dave

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about Diwali is the Lakshmi puja that we perform to welcome prosperity, wealth, and kindness into our homes. I want my kid Anishq to observe this tradition. I do not ask for excessive amounts, but whatever you give me should be sufficient. Because Diwali is the only modern holiday where we ask for blessings. And I would like my son to comprehend this.

Mrunal Jain

It is Jiyaan’s very first Diwali. I want him to realize that life is all about family love. I will ensure that he attends the entire pooja. He is diminutive but perceptive. I am of the opinion that he must learn everything from his parents and grandparents. I am fortunate to always have my family by my side, and I will rejoice with them again this year. At home, a special lunch will be prepared. We have brought everyone new clothing. I want my son to observe these customs during celebrations.