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Kangana Ranaut revisits controversial appearance, tells haters: ‘What a woman wears is her business

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, an Indian actress, wrote an inspirational statement about a woman’s right to pick her attire. Tuesday, Kangana posted several photos of herself along with a plain message on social media.

What a lady wears or doesn’t wear is her business. She tweeted a snapshot of herself in white bustier top and white slacks, “None of your business.” In the next tale, she included a second photo of the same outfit and stated, “I believe I’ve made my point; I can now return to the office… bye.”

Last year, Kangana Ranaut tweeted these images before the closing party for her action film Dhaakad. “Mohabbat main nahi hai farak jeene aur marne ka, usi ko dekh kar jeete hain jis kafir pe dum nikle,” she had captioned her initial post, referencing Mirza Ghalib. At the time, she was ridiculed for her dress, which was deemed by a portion of social media to be out of character with the actor’s image.

Kangana has fashioned herself as a devoutly religious patriot who prioritizes her own culture over influences from the West. With the action picture Dhaakad, she entered the unexplored territory. It remains one of the most renowned box office flops of the year.

The actor is presently directing the political drama Emergency, in which she also portrays former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the major role. In addition, she will appear in the military drama Tejas and the mythical feature Sita: The Incarnation.

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