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Kareena Kapoor says marriage was female actors’ biggest taboo: Marital status no longer affects career

In a recent interview, Kareena Kapoor was asked about ageism in Bollywood. She said, “You have to wear your age with pride.” The actor said that getting married used to be the biggest taboo for female actors. She said, though, that things are different now. The actor also talked about how she decides what to say no to as a career woman when she doesn’t want to leave her kids alone.

Saif Ali Khan was previously married to actor Amrita Singh. In 2012, he married Kareena Kapoor. In 2016, they had a son named Taimur Ali Khan. In 2021, they had another son named Jehangir Ali Khan. In a recent conversation, Kareena talked about how marriage used to be seen as the end of an actress’s career.

When Harper’s Bazaar India asked Kareena if she thought Bollywood was finally getting rid of ageism, she said, “I think so. You should be proud of your age. Women are now more brave. For female actors, getting married was the biggest no-no, but now that doesn’t matter for your career. Filmmakers are now willing to take risks and work on unusual scripts. They are also more likely to give distinct people a chance. In the end, it’s all about how you feel and how you look.”

Kareena also talked about how, as a working mother, she tries to find a “work-life balance.” She said, “I don’t think there’s a secret to having a good balance between work and life. You get to choose what you will and won’t do. I want to be able to just say no to things I don’t want to do, like leaving my children alone or going to an awards show where everyone can see me. I want to be able to choose, because I’d rather stay home with my hubby and watch a show or drink a glass of wine. This is among the biggest ways in which my life has changed. It’s better than or equal to me to find a good balance between work and life.”

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