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Kylie Jenner acquires a new Instagram adventure

Kylie Jenner gets another Instagram experience with her ex-BF Travis Scott! The support is deserted with 2-year-old darling Stormi at Kylie’s luxury new cushion. Kylie Jenner, 22, and Travis Scott, 29, may not be aback on sincerely, however they’re actually getting to know each other! The design big shot creates the impression that Travis was as yet deserted at her huge new Holmby Hills habitation on her most recent Instagram experience familiarize on Sunday, May 3, which you can WATCH HERE.

In the boomerang, Kylie zeroed in the camera on the AstroWorld rapper as she endorsed out Instagram explains craftsman Sophie Katirai’s cooled new Colored Eyes channel. The delayed consequence turns any blossom eyes to an appealing clear adumbration of blue! Travis looked cooled and breezy in the curtail video, fomentation a woodlands blossoming clear bodice from skateboard strip Hook-Ups, a plan shift chaplet, and a tan baseball cap.

Kylie was intensely tolerating a bang with the channel, and affirmed it out on herself in a heating new selfie! Her nectar features flew in the acclimated burning as she looked anon into the camera, agreeable in a blossom redden robe. The Kylie Skin organizers’ facial hair seems to acknowledge gotten intensely lighter back she’s been effectively sunbathing, offering her to address that her locks “need an above highlight circumstance.”