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Pushpa – The Rise | (HINDI) PRESS Conference

Actor Allu Arjun is on a promotional tour for his film ‘Pushpa – The Rise,’ together with Rashmika Mandanna, as the film prepares for its big release tomorrow, December 17, in five languages – Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, and Kannada.

Speaking at a press conference in Mumbai today (December 16), Allu Arjun said that shooting for ‘Pushpa’ was difficult since it was difficult to prepare and supply for 500 staff members during the epidemic. He also stated that the shooting and production of ‘Pushpa’ were delayed due to COVID constraints. Allu Arjun stated that shooting for ‘Pushpa’ was extremely challenging owing to the epidemic and that the amount of labor put in just one film is comparable to that of four films.

Rashmika Mandanna discusses the filming of ‘Pushpa,’ saying, “It was really difficult, and I was terrified of shooting in the jungle. I’d want to reiterate what Allu Arjun sir said about working on four films in one, which is correct. We are now waiting for the results of our hard work following the premiere of the film tomorrow.”

“When compared to earlier parts, I portrayed a distinct character in this film. I had no reservations and threw my soul, heart, and sweat into the work for ‘Pushpa.’ Throughout the session, I was unconcerned about whether or not I looked attractive.”