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Salman Khan slams Munawar Faruqui and Ayesha Khan, asking, ‘yeh kya games chal rahe hai?’

Salman Khan

Since becoming a wild card contestant on Bigg Boss 17, Ayesha Khan has been candid about her relationship with fellow contestant Munawar Faruqui. Salman Khan was seen in a new promo for the upcoming weekend episode reprimanding Ayesha and questioning her motivations for entering the show. Ayesha was subsequently observed sobbing uncontrollably.

Salman Khan’s statement

For those unaware, Ayesha formerly dated Munawar. Salman Khan pointed to Ayesha and Munawar in the new teaser that the producers posted to social media and questioned, “Ayesha, maksad kya he iss show mein aane ka (Why did you come on this show)?” Ayesha reacts as follows: “Sir, I desired an apology from him; therefore, I request an apology from him!” Salman then inquires, “Could you kindly apologise to national television?” He stormed in with the remark that while misunderstandings and disagreements are inevitable in all relationships, they should not be portrayed in this manner on television.

Salman casts doubt on the relationship.

Salman then remarks to Munawar, “You seem to say a lot of things during your stand-up comedy, but here you are remaining silent!” “Jis tarah apka rishta dikh raha hei, woh narazgi wala rishta dikh hi nahi raha hai,” Salman vehemently criticises both of them. Yeh kya games chal rahe hai yaar (It does not appear that the two of you are furious based on the way you are together. What sort of activities do you typically engage in?

Following this, the teaser depicted Ayesha sobbing in a corner of the residence. She cautions Munawar, who arrives to offer consolation, that “Mujhe shakal nahi dikhana apni Munawar.” “Aaj se zindagi mein apni shakal nahi dikhana (Refrain from revealing your face to me; I have no desire to encounter you again in my lifetime)!”

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