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Vicky Jain is confronted by Ankita Lokhande for consoling Mannara Chopra

Ankita Lokhande

The most recent installment of “Bigg Boss 17” was a minefield of controversy and drama. Munawar Faruqui and Mannara Chopra engaged in physical altercations, whereas Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain engaged in a turbulent dispute. The actress from “The Pavitra Rishta” was displeased with her businessman spouse for consoling Mannara while ignoring his own wife.


Numerous roommates, including Vicky Jain, have been consoling and assisting Mannara Chopra since her altercation with contestant and close friend Munawar Faruiqui. Ankita appears to be dissatisfied, nonetheless, with Vicky’s endorsement of Mannara. Following her husband’s ire, the couple engaged in a physical altercation.

Ankita informed Vicky, “I observe you constantly around Mannara, inquiring about her well-being. You incessantly inquire whether chotu is in good health and whether Mannara is also in good health. However, these are trivial matters and day-to-day existence concerns. Mannara, is all that is well? However, I too am confronted with numerous challenges in my existence. “You have never so much consoled me, but what is this?” Vicky tried explaining things to her, but she wouldn’t listen.

Later, Vicky inquired as to the cause of her altered behaviour and what was amiss with her. In response, Ankita stated, “Tu jaa yaha se” (You proceed from this location). Vicky then erupted in rage and yelled, “Merse aise baat nahi hai theek haina (Do not converse with me in such a manner, particularly on national television).”

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