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Kangana Ranaut Attacks Javed Akhtar: “Chacha With Assistance Of Maharashtra Government Got A Warrant Given For Me”

Entertainer Kangana Ranaut on Tuesday took an agree at lyricist Javed Akhtar for giving a warrant against her. A Mumbai court had given a bailable warrant against Kangana the other day, when she neglected to show up for the becoming aware of Akhtar’s criticism argument against her.

“One more day another FIR, yesterday Javed chacha with assistance of Maharashtra government got a warrant given for me and now another FIR for supporting rancher’s bill, in the mean time the individuals who spread lies about this Bill and Rancher’s decimation additionally caused riots, face no outcomes. Much appreciated,” Kangana tweeted.

In a second tweet in Hindi she took a correspond at the Maharashtra government and the Brihanmumbai Civil Partnership.

She expressed: “Kitne bhi zulm karlo, mera ghar tod do yah mujhe prison bhej do, yah jhooth failakar mujhe badnaam kar do, primary nahi darne wali, mujhe sudharne ki koshish karne walon fundamental tumhe sudharkar dam lungi, karlo jitni koshish karni hai mujhe abala bechari banane ki, principle baaghi paida hui thi, baaghi hello there rahungi (Regardless of the amount you abuse, break my home or send me to prison, or spread lies about me, I’m not terrified. Those of you who are attempting to address me, I’ll loosen up solely after revising you. Regardless of the amount you attempt to depict me as a defenseless lady, I was brought into the world a dissident and will consistently be so).”

On Monday, Kangana visited her Bandra office for a gathering, and later tweeted to communicate that visit left her sorrowful. The entertainer additionally shared photos of the obliterated office.

In September 2020, the Brihanmumbai City Enterprise (BMC) had crushed pieces of Kangana’s office in Bandra refering to unlawful development. The destruction work was halted halfway after a stay request from Bombay High Court on September 9.