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Kaagaz 2 screening: Anupam Kher cries, tells daughter Vanshika, ‘I missed him’

Kaagaz 2

The film Kaagaz 2, which featured the late Satish Kaushik, was screened in Mumbai on Tuesday evening as part of a special event. His wife Shashi Kaushik and their daughter Vanshika were in attendance. Actor Anupam Kher, a close friend of Satish and a co-star in the film, uploaded a video to Instagram in which he engaged in conversation with the actor’s spouse and daughter.

Satish’s wife and daughter attend the Kaagaz 2 screening.

Anupam was seated adjacent to Vanshika and Shashi in the footage. He inquired as to Vanshika’s assessment of the film. Her response was “Bohut acchi” (Extremely excellent). When inquired about her favourite aspect of the film besides Satish, Vanshika responded, “Aapka role (Your role).” “Do you enjoy my role?” Anupam inquired with a smile on her face as Vanshika nodded.

Anupam converses with Vanshika Shashi

Anupam further stated, “Vanshika, your role in the audience was crucial. Today was the premiere of Kaagaz 2, and you and your mother attended. I am overjoyed to hear that you enjoyed the film. In response to Anupam’s inquiry whether she had anything else to say, she stated, “No.”

Anupam expressed his longing for Satish.

Shashi was then briefed by Anupam on the film. She remarked, “I enjoyed the movie. Each and every character was outstanding. “I am quite fond of Satish’s work.” “It is one of Satish’s finest performances,” Anupam further stated. “Don’t you think so?Vanshika responded affirmatively to his question. “Satish’s performance was previously considered one of the best,” he added. “I also missed him.” Vanshika and Anupam exchanged courteous greetings before he kissed her on the forehead. A nearby individual remarked that Satish continues to live on in the souls of his admirers, to which Anupam responded, “Of course.”

Recollects an emotional occasion following film viewing.

Sharing the video, Anupam wrote, “I had a very emotive moment speaking with Vanshika and Shashi Kaushik following the moving premiere of Satish Kaushik’s Kaagaz 2. What a phenomenal issue-focused film did my friend Satish make his final shot! To be released on March 1st. “Jai Ho! (emojis of hearts and folded hands)”

The remarks Anupam made regarding Satish

Anupam recently attended the promotion of Kaagaz 2 in the presence of his deceased friend by reserving a chair for him. He stated to ANI, “It was a passion project for him (Satish Kaushik).” Two years were devoted to his labour on this undertaking. This is grounded in actual occurrences. “He was extremely enthusiastic about the subject.”

Refer to Kaagaz 2

Anupam Kher, Darshan Kumaar, Anant Desai, Neena Gupta, Smriti Kalra, and Satish Kaushik are featured in the film. It is scheduled to premiere in theatres on March 1. The VK Prakash-directed film emphasises the tribulations endured by average citizens as a result of demonstrations and rallies.

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