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Taylor Swift Birthday Celebration

Taylor Swift is celebrating her 32nd birthday today, and the singer opted to have a joint party with Alana Haim, who turns 30 on Dec. 15. Swift shared intimate photos from the gathering on her Instagram—and she of course referenced her hit Red song “22” now that she’s a decade older.

Swift has kept much of her personal information private. She did, however, discuss the “drunk Taylor” party images that went viral weeks before her chat with Jimmy Fallon in October 2019. “I was at a party like a couple of months ago and I had two and a half mojitos, and the following day, #DrunkTaylor was like #1 trending on Twitter, because, you know, I go from like zero to really believing I’m a wizard between like two drinks,” she recounted. “Like, seriously considering it. Thinking about how far that went, and then we have this [the post-Lasik surgery video clip] happening? That you’ve finally done it? I can’t even be angry. I’m just impressed that you managed to penetrate my family. I have no idea how you achieved it. Nobody has my mother’s phone number.”

Taylor, ever the responsible celebrity, made it a point to explain that the event was risk-free: “We screened everyone, so don’t worry! Thank you very much for your birthday greetings; I adore you all.”

Tommy Dorfman, who previously wore an identical bridesmaid gown to Taylor’s wedding at Lena Dunham’s wedding in London, was also in attendance.