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The Jonas brothers meet USA’s President Joe Biden

The Jonas Brothers worked with Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States, to create a TikTok video. The Jonas Brothers and Joe Biden each shared the video on their respective social media accounts.

The Jonas Brothers paid a visit to the White House on Friday and utilized the famous “Bing Bong Joe Byron” TikTok sound to promote vaccines in the country. Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Biden appeared in the video. Nick captioned the video, “Dinner plans @potus?”

On Friday, They joined the viral ‘Joe Byron’ TikTok trends with American President Joe Biden.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas arrived at the White House to make a presidential video based on the famous lip-dub video from the New York Street Show Sidewalk.

The taped clip was also uploaded on the Sucker hitmakers’ social media accounts.