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Amber Heard lost $50 million owing to Johnny Depp’s accusations, according to her legal team

Amber Heard

According to an American news website, Amber Heard fight with her ex-husband Johnny Depp cost her far more than the $10 million she was ordered to pay him in their just concluded defamation trial. Recently, more than 6,000 pages of court documents from their highly publicized legal struggle were unsealed, revealing some alarming truths about their legal battle.

According to a fresh source, Amber Heard’s legal team stated in pre-trial documents that she incurred financial losses in the amount of “$47-50 million” over a “3-5 year period” as a result of Johnny’s defamatory allegations about her.

The Daily Beast also said that Amber Heard turned down “tens of millions of dollars” from Johnny Depp’s earnings from the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film. The filming of the sequel occurred during Johnny and Amber’s marriage, making it a “community property asset” and entitling her to half of the profits.

The portal also said that Amber’s legal team begged the judge not to add evidence from her “irrelevant personal matters” that Johnny’s legal team may have brought, such as Amber’s nude images, previous romances, or something that could show she was an escort at one point.

As the trial lasted for weeks in public view, Amber Heard was subjected to a huge online campaign of hatred. On June 1, the case was eventually resolved when the jury awarded Johnny $10.35 million in damages. Amber won one of the three defamation claims in her countersuit and was granted $2 million in damages. The court denied her motion to set aside the verdict due to the incorrect identification of one juror.

Meanwhile, Johnny has already made a triumphant return. As reported by ANI, his debut art collection titled ‘Friends and Heroes’ sold out within hours on a London art gallery’s website on Thursday, earning him millions. In addition, he will appear in a French period film.

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