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Freddy Daruwala talks about portraying a classic Bollywood hero!

Freddy Daruwala is endowed with amazing looks, yet his fine looks haven’t landed him any classic hero parts in Bollywood films. He is frequently cast as a villain and has received praise for his evil roles in films such as Holiday (2014), starring Akshay Kumar, and Race 3 (2018), starring Salman Khan.

The actor is now overjoyed that he will be playing a hero in one of his upcoming movies. “I’m excited about this project, The Incomplete Man since it’s a psychological thriller, which is a genre I’ve never worked in before. It’s about a young murderer who grows up to be crazy, and I play the archetypal hero who comes to save everyone.

“I liked being a part of this film and hope to have more opportunities like this,” Freddy Daruwala adds.

Warina Hussain, who starred in Loveyatri, is one of the three heroines of the film. He said, “It was nice to be surrounded by not one, but three attractive women in the film (laughs!)”

While he is pleased with how his Bollywood career has progressed. “There have been occasions in my career where I have felt depressed,” he added in a previous interview with SeetaGeeta. However, as time has passed, I have gained a deeper understanding of the industry. I’ve realized that as an actor, I might only work for 100 days in a year and then be free for the rest.