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Mumtaz claims she adored Shammi Kapoor but that their marriage ‘wouldn’t have worked:’The Kapoor family was quite particular about their bahus.’

Shammi Kapoor

Mumtaz said that the Kapoor family was quite rigid about their ‘bahus’ not working in movies, hence she refused to marry Shammi Kapoor.

The audience was riveted when veteran actor Mumtaz shook a leg with Shammi Kapoor in ‘Aajkal there mere Pyaar Ke charge.’ Mumtaz, who was 16 years old at the time, became a phenomenon and her quest to popularity was well underway, but she was dealing with a tremendous heartbreak behind the scenes. Mumtaz and Shammi Kapoor had a short relationship during those years, but it ended when Mumtaz refused to marry him.

Mumtaz recently told Pinkvilla that she “loved him enormously” and that he adored her. The AAP Ki Kasam star said that she was “sorry” she couldn’t marry him. “I was just around 17,” she said. He was 18 years my senior. I was too young to marry. It’s kucch banana that. (I wanted to do something.)”

Mumtaz said that their split was amicable since they parted ways “with understanding” because he was “extremely lovely and compassionate towards” her. When asked about her marriage to Shammi Kapoor at the time, the Roti actress stated it “wouldn’t have worked” since she would have “carried a remorse in my heart.”

I wanted to be a performer. I wanted to get things done. “The Kapoors were strict,” she claimed. Mumtaz described Shammi Kapoor’s second wife Neela Devi as a “great woman, a gorgeous person.” “She was great for him and handled him so nicely,” she continued.

Mumtaz previously said in an interview with ETimes that no one thought she had declined to marry him. She said, “Shammi Kapoor was very kind and caring to me.” Nobody would ever think we were in love. Nobody thought I had said ‘no’ to him for marriage since Shammi’s financial standing was better; they asked, ‘How can Mumtaz deny Shammi?’

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