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Rajkummar Rao starrer Srikanth leads India box office collection to around ₹12 crore on day 3

Rajkummar Rao

Day 3 box office earnings for Srikanth: The film, which stars Rajkummar Rao, has been doing exceptionally well in India. In the early stages of the week, Srikanth amassed more than 11 crore, per Rajkummar Rao portrays Srikanth Bolla in the film.

India’s Srikanth box receipts
The report indicates that the film grossed ₹2.25 crore on its opening day and ₹4.2 crore on its second. Early estimates place its net revenue in India on its third day at ₹5.5 crore. Srikanth has amassed 11.95 crore rupees to date. Sunday saw a 25.59 percent Hindi occupancy rate at Srikanth as a whole. On May 10, the film was released in theaters.

Concerning Srikanth

Sharad Kelkar, Alaya F, and Jyotika also play pivotal characters in the film. Rajkummar portrays industrialist Srikanth Bolla, who despite having a visual impairment persevered in pursuit of his ambitions and ultimately established Bollant Industries, in the film. Srikanth, which was produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishna Kumar, and Nidhi Parmar Hiranandani, was directed by Tushar Hiranandani.

Srikanth evaluation
“Srikanth effectively illustrates our society’s lack of empathy for the struggles of people with disabilities,” stated the Hindustan Times regarding the film. The film illuminates the prejudices that are present within the educational system and employment prospects. A scene occurs when Srikanth is seeking investors for his business. One company, averse to investing money, attempts to entice him by offering his assistance in the production of Diwali candles, an activity that has historically been associated with individuals with visual impairments.

Rajkummar regarding “Sri Kanth”

Recently, in an interview with the news agency ANI, Rajkummar discussed his role. He had stated, “I was profoundly moved when I first learned about Srikanth’s life and heard his story from Tushar.” The fact that an individual with visual impairment accomplished so much at such a young age inspired me greatly. As a result, I believed it was crucial to share this story with the world, as we all require inspiration on occasion. There are instances when we feel depressed and desire to escape the situation. Srikanth is the type of individual who simultaneously engages and motivates the audience.

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