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SPENCER Movie |Official Trailer (2021)

The first trailer for Spencer starring Kristen Stewart. The first trailer for Pablo Larrain’s Spencer Movie is now available.

Spencer Movie, starring Kristen Stewart, has a new teaser trailer. She portrays the late Princess Diana in the film, which takes place over three days at Sandringham with the royals.

The first trailer for Pablo Larrain’s Spencer Movie is now available. Lady Diana Spencer, better known as Princess Diana, is played by Kristen Stewart in the film.

The film is set during Diana’s brief Christmas vacation with her royal in-laws at their Sandringham home. Her marriage to Prince Charles is in jeopardy as she battles a debilitating eating issue. The teaser does not go into great detail about the events, nor does it include many conversations, but it does provide a look into the chaotic, pensive, lonely, yet strangely beautiful world of the film.

According to reports, the film is set in 1991 and takes place over the Christmas holiday as Diana and Prince Charles struggle with the choice to end their marriage. It is directed by Pablo Larrain, who also helmed the film “Jackie.”

As the heir presumptive to the British throne, English actor Jack Farthing co-stars with Stewart in the film.

The internet has been blazing with first-look images of Stewart as Diana, but moviegoers have been waiting to hear the American actor’s interpretation of Diana’s British accent.

However, it appears that the film’s producers, Neon and Topic, intend to leave audiences guessing, as Stewart barely says two words in the minute-long teaser.

“They know everything,” Diana is told by Sally Hawkins, who appears in an unspecified role. “They don’t,” she says.

The preview provided an enthralling peek into life at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate, complete with sumptuous dinners and gorgeous attire. Stewart appeared to be growing increasingly upset in it, as he dealt with rumors of relationships and eluded the merciless paparazzi.