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The Last Hour – Official Teaser | Sanjay Kapoor, Shahana Goswami, Raima Sen | Amazon Original

Amazon Prime Video presents

The Last Hour Official Secret

Another Amazon Unique Arrangement,

Coordinated by Amit Kumar

Featuring Sanjay Kapoor, Karma Takapa, Shaylee Krishen, Robin Tamang, Mandakini Goswami,

Tenzein Choden, Lanuakum, Noksha Saham and Shahana Goswami and Raima Sen.

About The Last Hour

A strange youthful shaman, on the run ensuring a mysterious blessing, holds hands with a prepared city cop to chase down a risky figure from his dull past. Yet, when he succumbs to the cop’s young girl, he is conflicted between obligation and love. Can he utilize his blessing to save what he cherishes most or will it obliterate everything? The appropriate responses lie in life’s last minutes.


Made, Composed and Delivered by: Amit Kumar and Anupama Minz

Chief Makers: Amit Kumar and Foundation Grant Victor Asif Kapadia

Co-Makers: Antara Banerjee and Naved Farooqui

Head of Photography: Jayesh Nair

Editors: Peter Alderliesten NCE, Annelotte Medema NCE

Creation Planner: Vikram Singh

Sound Planner: Mandar Kulkarni

Music: Gingger Shankar

Projecting: Romil Jain, Tejas Thakker