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Tulsi Kumar: Tanhaai – Reprise | Sachet-Parampara| Sayeed Quadri | Bhushan Kumar |Romantic Song 2021

Gulshan Kumar and T- series presents Bhushan Kumar’s TANHAAI – Repeat, a story about ascending and out of dejection that we regularly end up in. The hindi sentimental tune is in power-stuffed vocals of the exceptionally flexible Tulsi Kumar, created by gifted music couple Sachet-Parampara with verses wrote by Sayeed Quadri. Coordinated by Bhavna Gautam.

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TanhaaiReprise​​ #TulsiKumar​​

♪ Tune: Tanhaai Repeat

♪ Including: Tulsi Kumar

♪ Artist: Tulsi Kumar

♪ Music Chief: Sachet – Parampara

♪ Verses: Sayeed Quadri

♪ Music Creation: Sachet – Parampara

♪ Extra Programming: Anmol Daniel

♪ Blend and Dominated: Himanshu Shirlekar

♪ Sponsorship Vocals Planning: Shamita Bhatkar

Video Credits


Overseer Of Photography: Rajesh Shukla

Video Idea and Styling: Tulsi Kumar and BHAVNA GAUTAM

Creation Planner: Rajesh Shukla/Varun Kumar

Craftsmanship Chief: Shubra Shah

Asst. Craftsmanship Chief: Ambar Mehra

Created By: quickly (A Stride Ahead Creations)

Leader Maker: Rahul Shukla/Hitendra Pratap

Creation Administrators: Naveen Kumar

Creation Assts: Raguveer Singh, Vinod Kohli

Course Group Advertisements: Vimal

DOP Partner: Manish Shunty

After Creation/DI: After Studio

Editorial manager: Manan Sagar

Partner Editorial manager: Rajendra

Colorist: Andres Delgado

VFX: Ilyas Magrabi

Music Name: T-series