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Twinkle Khanna’s dog attacks a wireless router

Twinkle Khanna's

Twinkle Khanna’s posted a video of her dog Freddie from the comfort of her workplace. She had earlier released a video of Freddie during a recent office visit, in which he was shown holding a pigeon in his jaws.

Twinkle Khanna’s provided an update on the ‘Bring Your Dog To Work’ policy that she has put in place at her Tweak India office. The star released a video of her dog Freddie taking over her office as she drove it to work, and she admitted that the policy isn’t working as well as she had anticipated. Also Read| Akshay Kumar mourns the death of his beloved dog Cleo, while Twinkle Khanna says her heart feels ‘heavy and empty at the same moment.

Twinkle went to Instagram on Thursday to post a video montage of her puppy attracting all the attention at the workplace. As he went from one person to the next, Freddie could be seen receiving massages and attention from everyone in the workplace. He was also spotted attempting to climb the desk to inspect the cables and router.

“This Bring Your Dog To Work Policy is Not Working!” Twinkle captioned the video. Freddie, in addition to soaking up all the attention, is attempting to devour the @tweakindia office’s Wi-Fi network! #officemayhem #workingwomen #dogslife #dogsofinstagram

Instagram users, on the other hand, did not agree and remarked that the diversion would be well worth it. “This would be incredibly distracting yet enjoyable!” one person commented. while another said, “Such a cutie! “I was ecstatic to see the gals!” “Awwww don’t stop him!!” wrote a third. Have you ever seen so much happiness in an ‘office’?!” Another fan told Twinkle that the policy is fantastic, while another mocked her, saying, “For a change, he’s receiving all the attention, the Star attraction.”

Twinkle had previously uploaded a video of Freddie during a recent office visit, in which he was shown holding a pigeon in his jaws. I averted my gaze for a time as Mr. Freddie sauntered onto the balcony, catching a poor bird and seeming very happy with himself. The moral of the tale is: How could I know? This is not Panchatantra Tales, but an Instagram post.”